There has been an increase in lifestyle associated diseases over the centuries. One of the most prevalent diseases is Diabetes. According to the CDC Report, over 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and 1000 Americans are estimated to be living with diabetes. This also includes children who tend to be obese and are eventually diagnosed with diabetes. However, the question we all seek answers to is whether we can cure diabetes naturally or reduce its incidence. One of the wys to reduce not just diabetes but many form os disorders or disease is to watch what we put in our mouths and our diet has much to do with that.

Sugar of course is the biggest killer. Even as I write this page I now longer take sugar in my coffee. It takes getting use to it but after a while it doesnt taste right having sugar in your coffee so as you can see, it’s about conditioning. Change your diet and you will change your health for far better reasons….Living longer is one of them